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Diagnosing Asp.Net Forms Authentication ticket failure on IIS 7 web farm

Greg Roberts

Greg Roberts

Greg Roberts

Have you gotten this error on a web farm sharing forms authentication recently?

Forms authentication failed for the request. Reason: The ticket supplied was invalid

Normally this is a no-brainer, just make sure you have the same machine key settings across servers, but recently I ran into this while setting up a new server and was honestly befuddled for an hour trying to figure out what I had missed. After scouring the back alley’s of google-bing, I finally hit on the right keyword mojo and found this nugget on You remember that security vulnerability found last fall, yeah forgot about that one too, well I guess one of the side effects of the patch was that un-patched servers don’t play nice with each other. Here is a quote from the Gu himself that explains it clearly:

Because the patch modifies the encryption/signing behavior of certain features in ASP.NET, it is important that you apply it to all machines in a web-farm. If you have a mix-match of patched/un-patched systems you’ll have forms-authentication, webresource.axd, and scriptresource.axd requests succeed/fail depending on which server they hit in the farm (since the encryption used would be different across them).

So what are you waiting for, go patch that server!